Visa Stamping in India

My husband is on H1 and I am on H4. We have scheduled the Dropbox appointment in Delhi with him as Primary applicant and me as his dependent.

My issue is we have a single MRV fee receipt where we paid for both of us. But now it is possible that my husband will not travel with me to India. Can I still go on the same appointment and submit only my documents? Also, can my husband go later in the year and use same MRV fee receipt number to book his appointment.


Did you pay at the bank or NEFT? I think you will need to cancel the current appointment and reschedule another one just for you. Otherwise your husband will be considered no show and fees may be forfeited. You can double check with VFS.

Re: the ability to use same MVR again in future (fee validity is extended until 30th September 2023), just check with VFS.

Thanks Kalpesh. I will confirm it with VFS.