Visa stamping for 1 year approved petition

I have a petition for H1 B USA visa valid from 2 Nov 2012 to 2 Nov 2013.

  1. For 1 year petition ,what is the recommended timelines for getting visa stamping process complete .
  2. By what time the person should travel to get the visa extended.
  1. You can get it stamped once you have the required documents. If you delay the stamping, then make sure you get recent documents when appearning for stamping. This means, if you appear for stamping in June 2013, then carry documents from April-May 2013 or later (new versions)

  2. You can travel anytime before your petition/visa expires. Once in US, your employer can file for H-1 extension soon after you reach here. I would suggest keeping 1-2 months margin so that you and employer have enough time to file the paperwork.