Visa Stamping & Change of Employer

I have submitted DS 160 (for my H1B stamping) and paid the stamping fees. Not yet booked the stamping date yet. However, I have changed job. Do I need to start a fresh process and pay stamping fees again? Please advise.

No. Just update your DS-160 with new employer information. You can use same fee receipt to book your appointment.

If it is less than 30 days that you created the DS-160, go back to the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC) website page for the DS-160. Click the tab for “Retrieve an Application.” If you noted the the application ID number from the DS-160 you submitted earlier, you’ll need to enter that application ID number in the box. Then click the Retrieve Application button.

In the next dialog box, click “Create an Application.” Next, you’ll have to answer the security questions to get back into your form. Once you’re in, correct your mistake, then review everything, then electronically sign and submit the application. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code to print and bring to your interview.

If it’s more than 30 days since you submitted the application, you can upload that application back into CEAC, if you saved it on to your computer or other storage device. Go back to the CEAC website, click on DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application, choose the consulate or embassy where you will be applying from the drop-down menu, and then click the “Upload an Application” tab. Choose the location of your saved file, and click the Upload Data button.

After making your changes for employer and new I-797, save and submit the new application. You will be given a new confirmation and bar code.

If you never saved your original application, and it has been more than 30 days since you submitted it, you’ll need to start over and create a new DS-160. Go back on the CEAC website and fill in a new DS-160. Print the confirmation page for this new application. When you schedule your appointment take both old and new DS-160 to the VAC.

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Thank you so much @Kalpesh_Dalwadi

I came to US with employer A H1B with I140 approved and Visa stamped for more than 2 years validity. after I came to US, i changed to employer B and now got new petition with 3 years tenure. before my visa expires, If i go to India and return US , should I get stamped compulsorily ? since current situation of slot availability is night mare. the most important point is my previous employer A has revoked my old H1B to which visa got stamped on my passport but dint get expire yet. with this situation, shall i return to US with employer’s A visa and having employer’B petition. note have all documents for employer B such as LCA, paystubs, original petition, verification letters.please advise

Visa is independent of employer even if employer name is on it. So as far as your visa is valid as of when you enter the US, you are good. CBP will issue I-94 based on your current I-797 validity.