Visa Stamping At Doha?

Asking for a friend… my friend and his family needs to travel to India on urgent basis next week. He has to get his h1 b visa stamping done at Mumbai, but Mum next interview availability is in Aug end.
Canada and Mexico availability also very late.
Wondering if they can get stamping done at Doha while enroute to India like take a stay of 2-3 days at Doha and get interview done and collect passport and then travel India? Has anyone tried this option? Or have any ideas or suggestions for this situation? Please let me know urgently.

Well, I don’t know about Doha. You can call or write to Doha US embassy and ask, if they take visa stamping for third country nationals. Technically, it is like going to Canada, but instead, it is Doha. Always the trick is that some Countries do not allow Third Country Nationals, so you should check with them.
As per my quick research, they seem to do it for Residents. Check below and Link


Thanks for your reply Kumar! I will contact them and check. I will update it here how its goes. Meanwhile if you get more information, please do share.

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