visa screen cgfns vs fccpt for physical therapist


I am a physical therapist and working on OPT in NY. I couldn’t apply for H1B in time for this year as I didn’t have my visa screen certificate. Now I got the certificate from CGFNS and would like to apply for H1B with a cap exempt company in TX. As per my knowledge, CGFNS visa screen certificate is only valid for NY (I am not sure though). So, can I use CGFNS visa screen cert to apply for H1B from TX???

I think it should not make any difference as USCIS just requires the visa screen cert, It hould not matter which educational body is providing that certficate. Am I correct???

Thank you for your help

Hemant Kumar

Hi Hemant, I am working physical therapist in Georgia. I am planning to renew my type I certificate with CGFNS . But CGFNS reviews are not good so can you please share your experience.VK Desai