Visa Scheduling Issue - Application Login Issue

Visa Scheduling Issue - Application Login Issue

Previously in 2013 I created a Login on the Visa Scheduling Application and Got stamped on H1 and for my son on H4. Account is still existing.

Now the Issue is … I’m on a different Visa H4 ( Dependent ). My wife created a login in Visa Scheduling Application and trying to Add me in her login for appointment. Application is not allowing to add to exisiting user or new user. So i tried to update my profile, nothing is getting updated or neitheir I can close the account. So that my wife can add mine in her login an schedule an group(family) appointment. Appreciate if you can help me.


It would be better to call US Travel docs site support people and ask them about the issue. Looks like data corruption, and they would have admin privileges to fix it.

Thanks Saurabh !!! I have mailed US Travel Docs, Its a technical glitch in the application, they have fixed it for me.