Visa renewal interview waiver


During the renewal visa application process using new portal, I had opted for the visa renewal interview waiver program but while scheduling the interview the waiver option (dropbox) is not showing in spite of meeting all criteria i didn’t get the yellow screen with congratulation message. It showing OFC appointment (Chennai VAC) for next year 2025. Should i close the application and start a new one. Will i loose the payment or i can use the same payment reference no?

Thank you

Have you already scheduled the appointment for 2025? If yes, you will need to cancel and reschedule and yes you can reuse your visa fee, I think up to total of 5 times. You may confirm with VFS.

Thank you Kalpesh for your reply.
I have not scheduled the interview date.
Let me call them and will update here.

Hi Kalpesh, Thank you for the solution. Have successfully re scheduled with the same payment receipt.

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Also am trying to reach them via this contact no +91 22 62011000 But its always busy. Do they have any other contact no?

Try email or chat instead.