Visa not valid 10 days prior to a valid petition

I recently got my H1B visa approved at the Delhi Consulate. After receiving the visa I saw the annotation “Not valid 10 days prior to valid petition”. The petition # printed on the visa is the extended petition valid 2 months later (mentioned in DS160). I already have a current valid petition from the same company that is expiring before 2 months which I didnt produce at the visa interview

The question is whether I’m allowed to board the flight and clear immigration at POE if i choose to travel before the annotation date. My attorney gave confusing responses and one of them was to just talk to the CBP officers at POE. I request for help from more knowledgeable members

Ideally you should have presented current and extended petitions to the CO during your interview.
Because your visa already have annotation, I dont think you will be allowed to enter until 10 days prior to your start date on the petition.
You can double check with CBP via email or phone call.

There is no standing rule regarding these circumstances defining what to do. My attorneys said only the latest one should suffice. Although I did carry both petitions, my mistake was waiting for them to ask me the document. They never asked and i never produced. This kind of annotation is like cats play with the mouse, because they know its not my fresh entry into the US, infact VO asked me how long i’ve been working for this company and where i was living in the US. It doesnt make any logical sense. Post this, I have emailed the embassy asking for clarification and also did email CBP simultaneously. And the update till date is that the embassy is still processing my request and CBP is yet to register my ticket. The fact that the issue date on the visa is already Feb 2023 and expiry 3 yrs later and the annotation says “petition validity date” and doesnt mention the petition# it is associated with and the petition actually being an extension of the current petition, I have some hope

Entry happened without hassle. After thinking and asking few simple questions CBP officer let me in

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