Visa MRV fee Original Receipt to carry at the interview?

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My father paid my visa MRV fee at an Axis Bank in India for me and I successfully scheduled an interview at Delhi Consulate. I am planning to go for the interview directly once I reach New Delhi (before going home). I do not have the original MRV fee payment receipt with me. Do I need to carry the original receipt with me for the interview? I only have a scanned copy of the original receipt and a one line confirmation email from website.

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You must have the Appointment Confirmation page, which has five sections - Application Details, OFC Appointment Details, Consular Appointment Details, Document Delivery Information, and lastly, MRV Fee Payments. That should show $10450 (although, it should show Rs 10450), a 12 digit number and below a barcode for the last 8 eight digits of that number. I think this should suffice. After all, without paying the fees, you couldn’t have scheduled the interview.

I had paid my fees via NEFT, so I had no original receipt to carry. The confirmation doesn't mention mode of payment (NEFT VS Cash).

I have the same situation. Does the appointment conformation page suffice?