Visa Issues for my Parents


So, I’m in the US since last 3 years, just got my h1b picked this year, and I want to bring my parents to the US. But there’s a situation.

So, my real dad’s name for this example is Sachin and my name on the Indian passport is as follows

Give Name: Harsh Sachin
Last Name: Mishra

Now, the problem is Sachin Mishra, my biological dad died when I was 5 years old but since then me and my mom has never changed our names because my mom has properties with name Priya Sachin Mishra, and it is a hurdle to change all the property documents and banks, stuff, and earlier she wanted to convert Sachin Mishra property in her name so she never changed it after the demise of Sachin Mishra.

Now, I have a step dad, name Rajesh Mishra (same last name). But my mom on paper never changed it to his name, neither did I. But they’re legally married.

In my Mom’s passport the current name is: Priya Sachin Mishra
Husband name: Sachin Mishra
In my step dad’s passport the current name is: Rajesh Mishra
Wife name: Priya Mishra

Now, I want to bring them to USA, but in ds160 my mom and step dad would have to fill up their S/O’s name, so what would be the ideal solution for such a case here?

Getting all the property name change is impossible and we did talk to lawyer as well, but they don’t seem to have other way around than changing property docs and going the long way. They suggested the short way would be to keep going the same way like we have been since past 20 years, and don’t change anything, just give visa interviews separately.

My view: We should not and cannot go as the way it has been going because technically my parents then would be lying in the ds160 form as my mom is currently married to Rajesh Mishra not Sachin Mishra which is not even alive.

Also, when my mom married to rajesh mishra (my now step dad) 20 years ago, they never got the legal marriage certificate, they only got the registry thing which I’m not sure that is. But if they want they can still get the legal marriage certificate.

What would be the ideal solution here?

P.S: I’ve changed the names here for obvious reason, other than that all the info is accurate and i’m seeking genuine advice, Legal ways in India did not help much.

I think you are overthinking too much. Just have them appear for interview with their passports as is. If the VO asks, your mom or dad can explain the whole situation.
I dont think this is an issue at all.

thanks for the reply. But what should I write in my mom’s DS160 form, in husband name?

Just mention your step dad’s name. Carry marriage registration when going for interview.