Visa - interview waiver


My last visa expired on 27 Mar 2020 and I am planning to go for visa now. I have already made my appointment payment and at the time of payment submission which is today, I am still under 48 months and qualify for interview waiver, but I got the Dropbox appointment for first week of April 2024 as I am travelling then. Is that still a waiver or do I need to make an appointment before March 27 2024. The visa scheduling site did allow me to make an appointment, but I am confused, could anyone please help


I am also puzzled by this. My understanding is that the interview waiver is only valid if you apply within 48 hours of your previous visa’s expiry date, but your last visa expired on 27 March 2020. I also learned that some applicants may still need to attend an in-person interview even if they qualify for the interview waiver. This article may provide some more information: Important Update on Waivers of the Interview Requirement for Certain Nonimmigrant Visa Applicants