Visa interview waiver for H4 kids

The criteria mentioned in the website for visa interview waiver for children below 14 years is very ambiguous,.
It says children below 14 years weather they are having a previous visa or not have an Visa Interview Waiver applicable,. But it doesn’t mention that children with previous visa and with visa extension approved are eligible for visa interview waiver when applied along with their parents.
I saw a few blogs which say that the children can be included if applying along with parents , but some speaking in contradiction. Even the Help desk suggested I should cancel my appointment ( which I got with so much struggle) and reschedule it. There have been so many changes in the visa approval criteria to help people bear with pandemic ,but clarity on this is not available.

Can someone please reply on this?

If both parents have valid visa stamped on their passport, child below 14 will qualify for dropbox whether he/she had previous visa or not. So the best way of approach is, parents should get their visa stamped first and then apply for child’s dropbox.

Eligibility Criteria for Child below 14 years of age:

  • I am applying before my 14th birthday.

Note: Children under 14 must submit a photocopy of both parent’s passport biographic information and valid U.S. visa page.

Thanks for your response, but all the consulates had been accepting and are some are still accepting the visa when applied for renewal along with the parents(who had a previous visa). Only a few individuals had glitches at one consulate. Is there a way we can reach out to consulate to address this issue?

I hope we could get the clarification that kids with previous visa are eligible for renewals in single appointment with their parents, which has already been happening. Is there a way to reach out to the consulate other than the support-india@ustraveldocs?

Best way is to tweet and tag the consulate handle that is not allowing to schedule kids with parents.

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I am in a situation here. My son is 16 now and his previous h4 stamping with Biometrics and Visa Interview was done in 2018 when he was 12 years.

Now we are going to India after 3 years and we need to get stamping done. We initially thought that our son was eligible for dropbox but we just came to know that he is not as he was not 14 years when his previous visa was issued. Please help me out on what do we do here. We got a dropbox appointment after 5 months. US travel docs is asking us to cancel our appointment and separate the profiles and again rebook.