Visa Interview Waiver Eligibility

hi there,

I applying for H1B visa, am I eligible for Visa Interview waiver?

I had a H1B Visa and it is canceled with our prejudice in Feb’2006 while I appeared for B1/B2 Visa.
I have issued B1/B2 Visa in Feb’2006
Again I have applied B1/B2 in Aug 2018 and rejected
Again I applied B1/B2 in Aug’2019 and issued the B1/B2 visa until Aug’2029

Again I am applying for H1B visa now,

Am I eligible for Visa Interview?

Also what should be my answer for the question

**Was your most recent U.S. visa lost, stolen, canceled, revoked, or marked CWOP?

Most probably yes but it depends on the IW anwsers you provide.

If your most recent B1/B2 was approved then rhe answer should be NO.

Thank you sir for your quick reply. yes most recent b1/b2 was approved.

I really appreciate your answer.