Visa Interview Reschedule 2021

Hello friends,
I have scheduled my VAC & Consular appointment in Feb 2022 but want to reschedule it earlier. Now whenever I see the slots available and try to reschedule, it says “Error scheduling your appointment. Please try again”. I can see the slots available and my internet speed is also good. Anyone knows why this error comes and what needs to be done to solve this ? It’s very frustating.

Please use the following link to get the real time status of the appointments - Install telegram app and open it

I have booked mine recently with the help of this group, i Initially got it for Feb 2021 but it helped to reschedule. There are many people post it as soon as they see the open slots.

Hope this helps, all the best!

Thanks bmoul, for some reasons, I can’t join it. Am I blocked or something ? Could u please tell me what’s wrong.

Have you downloaded the app on your mobile? Try opening the link from chrome to take u to telegram directly. Try accessing the link with ur mobile data, some times it will not access the link on Wi-Fi

It’s already there. I am using it. Even with mobile data, it doesn’t work.