Visa interview location - Singapore or India

Hi all,

I am working in Singapore from more than a 5 years on employment pass. If I apply for H1B and all goes well (lottory, petition approval, etc,.), will I have to take Visa interview in Singapore or India? Is it more likely to get stamping in Singapore than in India? 

Background: I appeared for H1B interview in Chennai in 2005, issued 221g (AAP) and stamping rejected.

As of my knowledge, I hear some people saying visas are less likely to get approved from Chennai or Hyderabad. Not sure if this still holds good. And is there a chance for Singapore VO to redirect me to an Indian Consulate?


Got to India, preferably Mumbai … Singapore is very tough

90% chances of getting pink slip

hi Sandeep what happened to your case? you attended in india or Singapore? please share your experience and suggestions.

My petition is not selected in lotto