Visa Interview location change from Chennai to Mumbai??

Hi Guys,

I’m from Hyderabad. I filed a DS 160 for visa interview in Chennai consulate but my company HR booked an appointment at Mumbai consulate stating that Chennai dates are blocked and Mumbai would be available.

Now the HR has asked me to file a second DS 160 for Mumbai and carry both confirmation pages (Chennai and Mumbai) to the Mumbai consulate at the time of interview. She said this is normal and there’ll not be an issue.

Now I’m confused and scared at the same time due to multiple horror stories I read/hear about Mumbai consulate. Please provide me any tips/suggestions to clear the visa interview.

Please reply urgently as I have the interview dates on Feb 21 and Feb 22.

Chances of 221g vary from case to case. So don’t be too afraid (but don’t be over-confident either). Carry all the relevant documents and then be confident during the interview.

If other colleagues have gone for interview recently, then you can know their experience as well.

Hi Saurabh, thank you for quick reply. I wanted to know if 2 DS 160 forms is a normal thing and I can appear in Mumbai when the ds 160 was filed for Chennai?

It is not required to complete another DS-160 form if the only change is a different consulate. I remember vaguely that it used to say on DS-160 completion that you can go to another consulate even if you have selected some particular consulate when completing the form.

Saurabh, you are the man! I’m feeling a bit relieved and hope to crack the interview. Thank you and will definitely post my experience once I’m successful. This site has been really helpful.

Hi Prasenjit,

I am facing the same issue as yours. My consulate address on DS-160 is of Chennai, but Appointment dates were available at Mumbai so My HR booked dates in Mumbai. Do i need to fill another DS-160. Please reply asap. I have my interview tomorrow.

Thanks in advance

Hi Gaurav,

Extremely sorry to reply late. But you don’t need a fresh DS-160, they can use the number on the current DS-160 to look you up.