Visa interview/dropbox without employer

Hi All,

I am working for company A. I am eligible for dropbox and I got my extension approved. Should my employer initiate the dropbox or can I start the dropbox by all myself and get it stamped without my employer knowledge?..

Thank you

You can initiate this all by yourself. You can complete and submit DS-160 form, pay the fees and then schedule the dropbox (no appointment needed). Just make sure you have the necessary documents from the employer.

Hey, thNk you for your quick turnup. I have only new i797 document, and old i129 form. There’s no other documents with me. Is old i129 form is sufficient.? Please let me know

I-129 is not required for dropbox. Only 797 is needed for this.

Hey, thank you again. Do you know which all other documents needed for Dropbox?

Thank you

Mandatory docs are passport, 797 copy, dropbox confirmation letter and DS confirmation page. Other docs may be asked later based upon your case.