Visa Extension in Progress- Travel out of country

Hi Saurabh,

I have H1b Visa with a small desi consulting company A. I got it on Jan 2012 for until May 31, 2013(was an L1b to H1 transfer, leaving 1.5 years available to me). My employer has filed for H1b extension today(yet to receive the receipt) but I have an emergency travel to India for a short visit. I dont have stamping so I might have to stay in India until, get any update on my current case.
Though I hope that I might just able to cancel visit, but in case I couldn’t and travel outside without getting decision(lets say on 21st May, following can occur.

  1. How does it impact my Visa review. - Will it continue in the same way or it will be converted to consular process.

  2. If I get the approval, I have to get the stamping done. How many does it might take to get stamping done?
    2.1) If Stamping is approved I can travel on the newly issued and stamped H1b.

  3. In case my H1b is approved but stamping is rejected- What options I have to travel back?

  4. In case my H1b itself is denied what are the options? - Can same employer or any other employer file for me from India as Cap Exempt.

Please let me know your thoughts on that.