Visa extension, H1B COS, Grace Period, COS to L2?

Hi Kumar,

I am working on L2 EAD for employer A and employer B is filing H1B as COS.Please advise for below questions.

  1. Can I work on L2 EAD even after October 1 till cos to H1B is pending.

  2. If this new intended employer B cancels the position and COS is approved will I get 60 days grace period to file COS to L2 again.

3.My husband L1 extension has to be filed in December so in case if COS to L2 is pending will we be able to file L2 extension for me?

  1. Well, technically you can as long as your L2 is valid and you are maintaining L2 status.
  2. If your job is lost on H1B, then you get the grace period. You may file COS to L2, but may not work immediately…
  3. Yes, they can file another extension, it would be fine.
    Check H1B Grace Period 60 Days