Visa expiring dec 31,renewal not done, in india can I apply in jan/apr


I completed my opt(MS-comp sc) on 6th dec 2013. Enrolled in second masters program(Ms Software Engg). Came india for renewal my F1 as exp date jan 21-2013

My new F1 visa rejected (214b)VO told me he is not satified with my answer why i want to do second master after spend 6 yrs in USA.

Now i am getting married on jan 2014 she is in h1b , Can i apply for H4. Husband eaisly will get H4

Do my second f1 rejection will affect ? Please help!

That may not be a Problem… Employer and relevant docs of H1 holder matters a lot,…

Even if asked, U must justify

Thank you for reply…do husband get h4 easily

Easy in general