VISA Expires in April 2015, and my H1 transfer is already filed


My h1 Petition & Visa validity is till April 2015, now i got an offer from an US company and they started the H1 transfer already on premium mode. We are expecting the petition approval in a week. I have never travlled to US with previous VISA

My question is…

Can i travel to US with the existing VISA and with approved new petition from new employer? because my VISA validity is till APR 2015. Or should i need to go for stamping again with new petition?

Since i am working in India, and got an offer from US company. do i need to provide any Pay stubs of the current company ?

What are the documents i need to carry to get smooth process at POE.

Appreciate your help… Thanks in advance !

I assume you mean valid until April 2016.

  1. You can travel on current visa stamp and new petition. If the new employer and their attorney suggest for new stamping, then go for it. It would give you an extended visa stamp mirroring your new approved petition.

  2. No payslips required

  3. 797, passport, employment offer letter, employer contact details, maybe I-129 (not mandatory though)

Thanks a lot Saurabh !
This information is really helpful, by the way my current petition / VISA validity is till April 2015( another 1 month). I have verified with ustraveldocs and they suggested me to go for new stamping as the employer get changes. But i see most of the people suggested to use existing VISA also. so wanted to double check with experts like you. So i do not need to provide any pay slips at the time of VISA stamping, but client letter & new employment letter is mandatory.

ustraveldocs does suggest people to come for stamping again, but it is not required.

Thanks a lot Saurabh for your help.

  1. So based on my current VISA expiry (APR 2015), is that fine to travel to US with new petition without any issues at POE?
  2. I can stay with an expired VISA even after APR 2015, hope this will not be an issue as i will be getting I94 validity based on the new petition expiry.
    3.Can i travel back to india in the month of May ?

Please suggest, thanks in advance !

You are always typing 2015 and not 2016. What is it really?

I am so sorry, it’s APR 2016

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. Yes. To return thereafter, you need to get a new visa stamped as your current visa would have expired in May