Visa expired, I have valid I94, can I travel to India during my H1B extension.

My Visa expired on September 2015, My employer applied for extension and I got the H1B extended till 31st December 2016. I am staying in US with the H1B approved petition. My employer planning to apply for the H1B extension again as it may take long time to process.

In this case,

Can I plan to travel to India during my H1B extension in progress ? Whether my India travel will affect the processing ? However,I need to go for Visa stamping while i am in India.

Please advise.

H-1 extension consists of 2 parts - 797 extension, I-94 extension. If you leave US while it is pending, then 797 will continue to be extended but not I-94. So it will be approved w/ consular processing.