Visa Dropbox appointment at New Delhi VAC

Hello All,

I have booked a dropbox appointment (interview waiver) for H1B Visa stamping at the Delhi location. Need help to understand:

  1. Can I drop the papers at any of the location under New Delhi Consulate - New Delhi, Jalandhar, Chandigarh at the same date/time? At the time of booking the appointment, it gave me an option of New Delhi only.
  2. Did anybody face the cancellation of the dropbox appointment recently?

Thanks for your help.

I just booked today for Mumbai but we can drop documents in any location which is given in appointment confirmation page. Please read instructions in the confirmation page.
I am from Hyderabad I submitted ds-160 at Hyderabad location and choosen document pickup location Hyderabad. I booked appointment in Mumbai and I have three location to drop off documents.
I am not sure about cancellation appointment but I see the cancel it reschedule appointment links . I read somewhere you need to cancel existing appointment before reschedule appointment . I am not sure exactly.