Visa Deactivation--Please help urgent

Hello Saurabh,

I have a situation here and I really appreciate if you can help me.

I was waiting for a project in my local area since my visa was approved in Oct 2012 and suddenly now my employer has decided to deactivate my H1B visa as they dont want to wait any longer.

However,they are willing to give me one paystub.I have to go back to H4 visa

What are my chances,will I have to look for a new employer really quick or is it possible that whenver I get a project in my local area,my H1B visa can be transferred,irrespective of my visa status.

I dont want to take up any C2C jobs as I dont see things getting materialized soon.

Is this a good time to search for only full time or should I get my visa transferred ASAP?

Please help…


I think both will work. But it is easy to get transfered to a new employer rather do COS multiple times.

Finding an employer is difficult in 15 days time(thats my deadline frm employer)
I got my H1B approved for just a year,so I wanted to know here that can H1B be transferred if the original employer deactivates it in between?

I want to know what are my chances…