Visa Collection at Hyderabad OFC center, which day to go.


I appeared for H1B visa stamping interview at Chennai on 1st Nov 2012 and my Visa was approved. I was told i will receive my Visa within a week.

Its almost a week now, haven't received my passport at my office, When i sent a mail to []( with my passport no.

I got an auto reply as below:

You have chosen to have your documents delivered to the following location:

Hyderabad, 1-A-384/385 Ground Floor, Gowra Grand, S.P.Road,, Hyderabad,  500003

This is Hyderabad OFC Center. I have no clue on which day should i go to pick up.

Tried this number +91 120 6602222, but it doesn't help with on which day should i go to collect my Visa.

Please help.



Dear Benzi,

1- If you are physically in Hyderabad, you should now go daily to check the receipt of passport.

2-How did Hydertabad OFC address appear in the system without yr knowlege?

In the new system passport has to be collected from Blue dart location or OFC centre . The location has to be compulsorily selected before taking appointment.

Alternately you have to fill one more form that they give you at OFC , pay Rs 300 extra and ask for delivery of passport at the address of yr choice. Have you done that?

Has somebody else taken the Appointment for you ?

Also after the despatch of passport e mail is sent to the applicant on the email address mentioned by applicant.

There is also a facility of Track yr passport on the website.

Try this call centre no 022-67209400


If u r resident of AP state, how were u able to attend the interview n chennai?