Visa approved but status says under administrative processesing


I attended my interview yesterday and it went fine. The VO also mentioned that my visa is approved and that i would get my stamped passport in 3-4 working days. He kept just the passports and nothing else…and no slip etc was given.

However today I saw on the CEAC website that my case is under administrative proccessing.

Do I need to worry? I know it is only one day since I have given my interview and today was also a holiday. But I wanted to be sure if the VO explicitly mentions that my visa is approved and also keeps just the passport is there anything that can go wrong?

Hi RHP, I am in a similar situation. Did you finally get the visa stamp? How long did it take?

Hi RHP , Can u please elaborate the entire incident of your stamping like Which place u have been for stamping is it HYD ,CHENNAI ? and post the entire dialouge which u encountered what all questions did the VO asked you client letter ,etc … I think it would be a 1000 times helpful for the ppl like us who r preparing to attend the stamping …well for ur above Que CONGRATS i think u r VISA must be approved they must kept ur passport for some adminstrative things .well hope to see the reply all the best.