Visa approved but passport not issued

I attended visa interview on February 13 at Chennai and consular officer told it is approved. But I have not received passport till date at the visa application center.

The ustraveldocs site’s passport tracking says the passport is still with US Consulate and DS160 status says administrative processing.

Anyone experiencing delays with passport issuance from Chennai consulate recently. Should I be worried given that it says administrative processing but I have not received any 221g.

Thanks for your feedback

How many days did it take to get your passport with visa, once it was approved on Feb 13?

I had approved petition in US and wanted to get visa stamped using dropbox in India during short vacation.

I submitted documents to dropbox in end of April and got 221g whiteslip asking to come to Embassy for fingerprints and interview. Nothing was mentioned about the documents. I appeared interview on 9th May 2017 and Visa Officer told my H1B visa is approved. VO kept my passport and told I would be getting visa with passport within 5 business days. USTraveldocs site shows passport is picked up (old dropbox status) but CAEC State Gov site shows, my case under 221g Administrative Processing. The status shows “If your visa application is approved, it will be processed and mailed/available within two business days”. Even today I have not received my passport. When I call US Travel docs, they say my passport is with US Embassy. I dont know how long the wait would be and why the passport is still with the Embassy after visa approval.


When is your visa issued?

I received my passport after 6 weeks from the visa approval informed by Visa Officer during the personal interview.