VISA approved but CEAC status shows administrative processing


I attended my F-1 visa interview on 28th may 2015…the visa officer told me that my visa was approved. When I checked the status of my passport on 29th may 2015 on the CEAC website it showed administrative processing. I was not given any 221g form by the visa officer nor was I asked to submit any additional documents…what am I supossed to do???


Mine is also the same thing, where was your location? Anything you have heard after that?


Mine was in chennai consulate…where was yours and which date???

Delhi. Same day.
They said it takes 2 days or so but its still coming as admin processing. What have you heard? What do plan to do now?

It generally takes 2 days only…I checked the U.S. Traveldocs website and there it is posted that U.S. VISA systems are experiencing technical difficulties as of now and that they are operating at significantly lower capacities than usual…so I guess that’s why it might be taking more time…and some people told me that even after approval the status may show admin processing until visa is pasted on our passports…so I am just hoping that it is just for the clerical work and not actually admin processing

Hi. I am also attended visa interview on May 28th chennai consulate…
very frustrating on seeing AP.
please update your status after you getting your passport.


It appears that lot of people have AP as their status…seems to be a general thing but it’s creeping me out

did you receive your visa???
how many days does it take to clear administrative processing?

my visa status is also in same status.did you receive ur visa?? how many days does it take?

Hi please call me once 9581342245

I did madic three month ago but my ceac is under adminstrative proscessig
When som one know late me konw hove long is the longest time for that