visa approval

I was in h4 and I applied for h1b visa through an employer. I got picked up in the lottery and I received the receipt number. after few days the receipt number had an RFE query attached to it as per the uscis website. My employer said that he has forwarded the documents and after that the status in the website shows as your docs received but after that there is no change in the status. iam waiting for the visa to be approved.

I checked with my employer he said that he has raised an sr in the month of November to get the status but till now I have not received any status from my employer or any updates from uscis. As days pass iam beginning to get worried about my status. can anybody pls let me know how do I get the status or proceed further.

is there any chances of my visa getting approved and are there anybody in the same case.

No way to know. Keep waiting and file another SR in few months