Visa appointment dates/slots in Hyderabad VFC center

We are looking for visa dates in first week of Jan 2020. My company has booked for me in first week and I am doing the same for my wife as their company won’t be doing it - it’s self trip for her. I don’t see the slots and everything is greyed out from Jan - do you happen to know when I can see those dates and why it showed for me and not for her?

FYI - she already filled her DS160(didn’t submit but have the application number), paid the visa money, eligible for dropbox as her current h1b visa is expiring on nov 30,2019.

Please let me know at earliest and thanks for all your assistance - your info/ suggestions are helpful.

What is her current visa status ?
What is the dropbox visa stamping you plan to do, I mean visa type ?

There is a new appointment system for dropbox now. Check Dropbox Appointment experience

She is on h1b and current visa is expiring on nov 30.
When we filled the USA visa question, it showed she is eligible for Dropbox or wavier program.

Yes I looked at the other page and we did exactly the same but only difference is we didn’t submit the ds160 and I don’t think thats something stopping us correct as already have the application ID

It could be, not sure. You need to call the customer service. Do update here after you speak.