Visa application status "Application Received" for a month

Dear anyone who can help. I submitted my Passport for Visa stamping on May 19th in Bangalore Dropbox for Chennai location. It still shows “Application Received” after nearly a month and the status has not changed. I tried reaching the support email but they only send back standard replies like that I need to keep waiting without telling how much.
Does anyone have any way to get any meaningful reply as to what is happening? Can anyone please share their experience

I have the same status. Application for b1/b2 submitted in bangalore for chennai consulate. Status is Application Received since 23-may 2022. Customer care give the standard reply. We dont know why the delay is and how much time will it take?

I have the same status. My application for H1, Passports submitted at Hyderabad dropbox location and Hyderabad consulate location on May 31st. Still its showing as “application received” status.

Searching for contact details to reach out for help desk but could not succeeded as of now.