Victim of H1B Scam with Javelin Systems Columbus OHIO?

Hi, I am victim of H1B scam of JAVELIN SYSTEMS INC COLUMBUS OHIO. They charged me money for filing H1b last year but never paid the money nor applied for the lottery. Its been over a year now. What can I do to report these guys? Will it impact/harm me and my status in USA? We are looking for more people who are victim of them so we can file a lawsuit against them. Please contact us.

This company is a scam. They have created a scam business in which they find new candidates each year and promise to file/transfer their H1B visa. They make false promises and ask candidates to give money in company’s India account and later transfer this money in their personal accounts. They never file or transfer H1B and keep this money. They publicly advertise about this scam on Linkedin and various other social media platforms. All of the people listed below are part of this company and all are liars:

Manoj Pokala

Arpan Chaudhury

Preeti Chaudhury

Arwaan Chaudhury

Sunil Chaudhury

Pradeep Kotagiri

Rakesh Kumar

Vijay Rao and many more…

These people don’t answer the phone, emails or even sit in their registered Columbus office address : Javelin Systems Inc.(USA)


These folks also cheat their employees and clients. Stay Away at all cost. Worst company ever. I wonder how these guy have permit to conduct business in US. We are reporting this company to DOL, USCIS, BBB, FTC and all other authorities. They need to be shutdown.

Sorry to hear about this. Lawsuits take time and your rights are limited if you are overseas. Have you tried writing to them (registered mail) requesting informal resolution to the matter? It has to be a regular mail letter, not email or phone call. Ultimately, we have to look at your end goal of having a professional visa for US and see if that is possible. Courts will direct you to do the same.

I am currently in US on a legal visa. I have sent them several emails on this matter. I have all the telephonic conversations recording in this matter.

Hi Pankaj,
A couple of us are victims as well. He has not filed the visa and did not return the money, stating the demobilization in India as the issue and money stuck somewhere etc… during the last 1 year, he has disappeared multiple times from phone/email communications, and now since the last 2 months - he is not responding at all. I have tried reaching him in multiple ways…

What are you planning to do in this case? Did you already do something about it? Let me know.

We have lodge a police complaint in Nagpur Police station. We have also notified USCIS, DOL & ICE in this matter so this company and all the people listed above get banned from US visa’s program for future.