Vermont Center with Receipt on April 24 2012 and Still 'Initial Review'


Does any know how far vermont service finished the applications? It's confusing on their website. It shows "Posted: September 13, 2012" and "Field Office Processing Dates for Vermont Service Center as of: July 31, 2012" and processing timeframe as

			Petition for A Nonimmigrant Worker
			H-1B - Specialty occupation - Change of status in the U.S.
			April 16, 2012

What does that mean? USCIS last news was on July 31, 2012 and they did not update the system since then?

I have the same question…My visa was filed on 4th june and my status is still under initial review…

Well, the first one ( sept 13) corresponds to the date when the report was updated by USCIS on website and the second date ( July 31st) is the date the stats reflect. What it means that is that the timeline applies to the petitions filed until July 31st. Again, it is not etched on stone, it is just a moving average stat for overall picture. Your petition could be processed much earlier too…