Verify petition immigrant visa family filed yr 1994 no receipt received?

Hi im JOhna from davao. I got approved for H1b filed in USCIS and planning to schedule an embassy interview in manila by end of december this year. I dont have any problem wiith my ds190 form…My concern is about my husband as my dependent. as we go through the ds190 form, my husband was not so sure if the family based petition by her mother was received by your office , that was long time ago, between yr 1994-1996. His mother is a retired nurse in USA but she’s now in the Philippines with us. She has a dual citizen both Filipino and American. What bothers us is the question HAVE ANY FILED A PETITION IN YOUR BEHALF FOR IMMIGRANT VISA? THIS IS FOR MY husband ds190 as my dependent). How can we verify if the application of her mother long time ago was really received that time. We want to BE SURE on what to answer to that question…She did not able to follow it up due to financial problem and health problem ( she had a breast cancer but luckily survived ! ) …
Please do help, I need to complete this form next week so that I will have an interview schedule.

									Name of mother-in-law who = ELIZABETH AJERO OSABEL
									sent an application to Visa center
									manila FAMILY PETITION

									HER son who is my husband = TIMOGEN AJERO OSABEL

									I hope you can help me with this. I need to verify this very urgent. Thanks and more power. Should there be a need for my mother in law ELIZABETH AJERO OSABEL to call your office we are very willing to call... God bless and more power !



				[Johna May Sanchez Osabel](