Validity of SEVIS I-901 fee

I had paid the $350 I-901 SEVIS fees on 25/05/2020 but due to COVID I deferred my admission from Fall 2020 to Fall2021.
I have booked a VISA appointment dated 05/05/2021.

I’m aware that I-901 fees are valid for 1 year and since my I-901 payment will expire before I travel to the US (July last week), will this create a problem during immigration?

Is there any way I can extend the validity of this payment till I start attending my course?

Or will I have to pay the fees again?

I mailed FMJFEE regarding this doubt and they replied, “The I-901 fee payment is valid for one year. As long as you receive your visa AND begin your program of study within one year from the payment date, you do not have to pay the I-901 fee again.”

Would like to know if anyone else is in a similar situation and if so, what are your plans?