Validity of my application


How can i validate that the application is correct or not. I am first time applying my h1b . I got the information that my file is not picked up in the lottory. They provided the application number. How can i validate that it is the correct one.


Your employer is saying that you didn’t make through the lottery and is providing an application number. Is that correct?

That looks suspicious as USCIS has not sent rejection letters yet. Only selection notices have been sent as of now.

Thanks for your information. Actually i have asked for the application status before the lottary picking up, they provided the below information… How can i verify they processed or not. Is there any site available…?

We have successfully submitted your petition,the below following details are :

LCA-- I-200-16072-419296

FedEx Courier Tracking Number: 782755836383

LCA filing is free and every H-1 petition does that as part of H-1 processing. However, this doesn’t prove that petition was selected in the lottery, or even filed w/ USCIS. You will have to wait for USCIS to start sending out rejection letters and then you would know the final fate of your application.