Validity of H1b,Is it from Visa stamped date ?


What is the validity of H1b . Is it initial 3 yrs from the day you got approved H1 ie from OCt 2012 to OCT 2015 , or it starts from the day your visa got stamped or the day you enter US .

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H1B validity is mentioned in the I-797 approval notice which is usually (for FY2013 qupta) from 1st October 2012 to the date mentioned in the petition. However, I think if the requested end date is beyond September 30th 2015 USCIS might approve only till September 30th 2015.

For H1B, we have 3 main dates to remember - petition end date, VISA end date and I-94 end date.

Petition end date - the date till your H1B petition validity. Once this date is passed, you cannot stamp your H1B VISA or extend the stay in US.

VISA end date - the date till your stamped VISA is valid. Once this date is passed, you cannot enter US, but you can continue to stay in US even if stamped VISA is expired.

I-94 end date - the date till your I-94 is valid or the date you could stay in US legally. Once this date has reached you should leave US. To continue in US you need to get your I-94 extended, provided your petition is still valid.

 Hope that explains pretty much everything.