Validity for H1B Stamping


I got my H1B selected last year and my petition says it’s valid from Oct’15 to July2018 but my employer is sending me for stamping on Nov’16 only.

  1. Since i’m going for stamping after 1 and half year after petition approval . Does it have any impact on Interview ?

  2. When does the Max.Validity (6 Years) of H1B starts counting - Is it from the date of entry into US OR From the date of Stamping ?

Kindly help !!

  1. No impact. Carry recently dated documents like offer letter and client/project letter.

  2. It starts from the time you enter US. Only the time spent inside US is counted towards the 6 year clock.

During petition filling i have submitted all the documents that are dated as 2015 but while interview do i need to get new documents which are dated for 2016 (New Clinet letter etc., )

Yes, you should. This will show that the situation hasn’t changed since then and the offered position is still valid.