vaccines required for adult and child on h1b

Hi all Can any one guide me is their any specific vaccine we have take before entering. Into Usa I need a name of that vaccine required for adult and child Or any vaccine certificate we have to take from doctor I think its used in health insurance

We (me, wife and our 2-year old twins) came into US last year and we did not take any vaccination for this purpose. However we carried all the vaccination information we had for our kids.

You need to make sure that you carry the vaccination information of your kid(s). Unless you have those information, they’ll do all the vaccination (from birth) as per the requirements in US when you go for your kids’ first pediatric visit. If you have that information handy, they’ll do only those are missing from that info and are required here.

So for kids we have to take pediatric file or any letter required which mentioned all vaccination details

carry the vaccination records book…