Utilization of unused period of H1B


Currently I am on L1 B Visa valid till October 2013. I had H1B visa from 2006 to 2009 and utilized less than one year of it. One of consultant contacted me and told me that I can work on H1B for non utilized period such that 2 years.

Is it possible to utilized un used period of H1B even Visa expired?

Please Help

I don’t think you can use those 2 years.

One can reuse the previously approved H1B VISA for filing a cap-exempt H1B petition within 6 years of the first approval of the previous H1B. Since your H1B was approved in 2006, I am not sure if that can be used again for filing a cap-exempt petition.

You will have to file a fresh cap-subject petition and you will be eligible to get complete 6 years with that.