USCIS - We have taken an action on your case

Team My Scenario is as follows

My First Employer H1B has got over by 01/2019. During that time, I registered via USCIS site to get the status of the extension. After Three Years I got an email with subject We have taken an action on your case 0n 04/12/2022 and 04/13/2022. Since I lost the pwd for the USCIS site I am not able to check exactly what is the status. Not able to reset the pwd as well.

  1. Is there any way I can check what is the Case status/ Mail related to it that has been meant. - Not having any details - So thew answer will be no.
  2. My Current employer is hinting for taking H1B resource to US but never told who the resources are.

Basically, need to know whether H1B has been filled ot not.

I am guessing you left the US after your H1B expired in 2019 while H1B extension of status was in progress and currently in India?
You must have got a copy of I-797 receipt notice for tye extension application from your employer’s immigration lawyer. That receipt has a number that you can fill in the case status site and check the status or simply reach out to your employer who filed the extension of status and check with them.