USCIS requires additional evidence on I765 OPT extension - I 20 not within 30 days


I had filed for OPT extension this year, the application was 1st received by USCIS on May 11th 2015 and my I-20 was issued on Apr 11th 2015. But then they sent me the whole package back as I-765 was not signed and I did call them and checked with them will they need a new I-20 this time around and they said No.

On Aug 25th, they sent me a letter saying “Request for Evidence” - I20 not within 30 days.

My question is do I need to send the whole application again or just the new I-20.

This letter does say the following:

“Processing of your I-765 will resume upon receipt of your response”

and Also the following:

“Please submit a SEVIS I-20 that has been signed by school’s DSO within 30 days prior to filing Form - I765 and shows the SEVIS request for you optional practical training (OPT) along with the desired dates. Page 1 and 3 of the I-20 are needed for adjudication”.

Please advise. Above statement to me is confusing what do they mean by “SEVIS 1-20 that has been signed by school’s DSO within 30 days prior to filing Form - I765”…new I-20 will definitely be for current date which is later date to I765 submission.

Yes, it is confusing to anyone…Well, I suggest you submit a new I-20 signed by your DSO and attach a letter stating the situation also and the Old I-20 copy that you submitted, indicating in letter. It should clarify. You should speak to your DSO and seek their advice on the best thing to do, they are your primary advisors. If you are not sure, you can even schedule an Infopass Appointment with USCIS to get more clarification.

Hi, same thing happened to me. Can you please help me out. Should I send a whole new application or just my i20?

In the end i had to hire an attorney as i never got a clear answer online or anywhere. I wrote an affidavit with the help of my attorney explaining the timeline of the events. And my attorney then sent the affidavit, g-28 and the RFE letter.

If you want more information please reach out to me on my personal id.

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