USCIS received my case on 11th Jun-- ANy Luck


My employer sent my case on 8th Jun and USCIS received my docs on 11th Jun morning.

Since they are still accepting,does that mean quota is still open?

IS there any chance I can make it to this year quota?


How you got to know that USCIS accepted your petition? Did your employer sent any confirmation email for the same?

If they have sent the confirmation mail providing your WAC ID; then you are in…If not, fingers crossed!!!

My employer sent me fedex tracking details …n thats it …it shows it has been delivered and someone accepted it…
about petition acceptance am not sure yet…while my case is on Premium Processing

I think you are REALLY lucky… I would assume that you are not totally OUT at least… Even if the quota is reached today… you will atleast be on the lottery… so you still have a chance… If the update today by USCIS shows a few caps available… that means you are definitely in.

I just hope I am :slight_smile: