USCIS issued receipt number to the Employer / Attorney?

As per recent updates USCIS done with rendom selection process. Please let me know those who are selected their attorny or employer received the Receipt Number or Traching Number? Or this would take time?

How do we know that my application got selected in rendom process?

USCIS will send the receipt number to employer/attorney. PP applications will be notified via email, while others will be notified via regular mail.

I got this information from other website. NOTE: This applies to last year cases (FY 2014 )

"The earliest notifications in FY14 were premium-processing eMail receipts, which arrived on April 9, 2013. Even though the USCIS officially suspended premium processing timeframe guarantees for cap cases between April 1st and April 15th, some of the premium-processing cases, nonetheless, were acted upon promptly. The Murthy Law Firm even saw some cases approved by April 15,2013, for the last fiscal year.

By April 23, 2013, the Murthy Law Firm had received eMail receipts for the remaining cases filed under premium processing, as well as additional approval notices. Also by that time, hard copy receipt notices for H1B cases filed under standard, non-premium processing had begun to come in gradually. These receipts continued to arrive throughout April and into May.

In FY14, the USCIS began returning cases that had not been selected in the lottery on May 6, 2013. The packets containing these filings started to arrive via regular mail a few days later."