USCIS is requesting evidence to prove as a specialty occupation

Hi, Got RFE today with “USCIS is requesting evidence to prove that the offered position qualifies as a specialty occupation”

	Please describe ALL of the Associate's job duties for the Computer Programmer position in detail, with specific attention to thepercentage of time spent, hours per week, level of responsibility, and the minimum education, training, and experience necessary for each duty. 

	Provide a complete list of the various software tools, languages and technologies used to perform the job duties. 

	Provide a detailed description of the TCSL project, and explain what the associate's role within the project will be.

What type of Computer Programmer?

Please provide Job duties as sent to USCIS

What is your Education?

Do you have any Experience?

Which Service Center?

It is better to get Position Evaluation done. Especially they will explain the severity of the job roles and relate them to your experience and educational background. One of the company that does this evaluation I know is Silvergate Evaluations. Search it on google.