USCIS is currently processing DEC 2015 petitions for CAP??

Is this true…that cap cases filed this year in regular processing will take more time? as we came to know that currently USCIS is processing DEC 2015 applications? so when will the cap cases get approved for this year? oct 1 was the joining?

Some of the regular processing petitions have approved, some are in RFE and RFE response stage and others are still in initial processing. There is no SLA for processing time and every year there are bunch of applications that are not processed by Oct 1. If you really want to start working from Oct 1, then upgrade to PP to get the decision at the earliest.

so indirectly it is correct that currently USCIS is running behind!!

Depends what you call “behind”. This is normal.

In addition, the status has not been updated since July. So its outdated.

oh ok thanks Saurabh. I wonder when will it come then lol. If it came after Oct 1…we can still join after that right?

Yes, you can still join the employer after Oct 1 if the approval is delayed.