USCIS Change of Decision after H1B Extension/Amendment Denial.

My company (A) has filed an extension along with amendment (since change in location and project) which has been denied by USCIS. Attorney advised us to file new petition with new company (B) as my I-94 is still valid. We have filed another petition as advised by attorney. Recently, my employer informed me that USCIS sent an communication that they have re-considered their original decision on company A’s exntension/Amendment and will send an updated communication. I checked with my employer whether they have filed MTR as USCIS reconsidered the decision and the answer was “NO”. In this scenario of mine, i have following question

When USCIS says, they have re-considered their decision, what are the chances of approving exntesion or RFE?.Since I have already filed a new petition with Company B, will that affect USCIS re-considered decision?. What if I get an approval notice on company A’s extension?. Can i withdraw petition on company B?.Thanks!