USCIS Audit on H1 B Visa holders issues and concerns.

Can someone respond to my query please?

My wife is working for a company (direct client company in US) and USCIS conducted a random audit in her company on her H1 B Visa. She joined the company a week before she received the transfer receipt date from USCIS. The company HR only asked her to join a week before. The query from USCIS to the company was that why she had to join a week ago and her I-9 based on that start date.

The company has responded already to USCIS queries and they refiled her I-9 to the receipt date itself.

The company says they are yet to get a final response confirmation from USCIS on this case. Will this be an issue with her H1 B Visa and any reason to hold her GC process initiation until they get their response? She worked for more than 7 months with the same company now. Please share your thoughts.