USA Residence address mismatch

I got H1B VISA from employer A but he didn’t give me onsite opportunity till now. So I approached employer B and they filed new H1 pitetion for me. And the new pitetion is also approved. But while doing my h1 transfer from employer A to employer B,
attorney from employer B has asked me to fill few online Questionnaire’s, in that there is one question called “This is the address in the U.S. where you are currently residing or will reside if currently living abroad.”
For this question I have given my friend address like St. Louise - Missouri state.
But now I came to know that I will be going to stay in Columbus - OHIO state.
I am planning to travel to USA in May 2016 for employer B.

So will there be any issue for me during my travel to USA?
Or during port of entry ?

It should be ok. I assume B’s work location is Columbus Ohio and that’s why you are traveling there.

Thank you Saurabh.

Yes, B’s work location is in OHIO.
I have another question here, as I said earlier I have approved pitetion from A’s first and H1B visa from A’s on my passport.
But now I have another approved pitetion from B’s. But still my passport have H1B visa from employer A only. This visa valid upto June 2017 with employer A name on the stamping.
So will there be any issue by having A’s name on visa stamping?
Will there be any issue during my travel because of this?
As I stated earlier I have to go to OHIO, so can you please tell me the place to complete the port of entry ?
Few of my friends told Chicago is not that good to have port of entry, pls suggest.

You will be entering Ohio using B’s petition and A’s visa stamp. This should be ok and you can travel to Columbus directly.

With regard to Chicago, I read a case recently when someone on H-1B was deported from the airport. Talk to your immigration attorney on how to handle the situation if you are taken for additional screening and what your rights are in such a case.

Having said that, most of H-1B holders are admitted to US, and these may be one-off cases.