USA- L1B and H4 visa query

Hello, I have valid L1 visa and currently serving maternity leaves in india , I am planning to visit my husband who is in h1b in usa as his dependent with h4 visa.

My question is : can i get H4 stamp in my passport having said that I have valid L1b already stamped in my passport. ( only stamp not planing to visit)

Will my H4 stamp in passport affect the L1 stamp in my passport?
Can I have 2 valid stamps in my passport at the moment? Just wanted to get the stamping completed for H4 so that if i want to travel in future, I dont have to wait for the process . Please guide

Generally speaking one can hold only one type of US visa at a time. This means if your H4 is approved, CO may cancel your L1.

Ok, and if after the L1 marked as cancelled , can I have option for restamping as petition for L1 would be valid or the petition will be cancelled too? Please let me know

You can go for stamping later on for L1 as far the I-797 remains valid.